Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Assignment for Mr.Frank



Information, the lifeblood of any organization, needs to flow freely to be effective. Successful management requires downward communication to subordinates, upward communication to superiors, and horizontal communication to peers in other divisions. Getting a task done, perhaps through delegation, is just one aspect of the manager's job. Obtaining the resources to do that job, letting others know what is going on, and coordinating with others are also crucial skills. These skills keep the organization working, and enhance the visibility of the manager and his/ her division, thus ensuring continued support and promotion.

Downward communication is more than passing on information to subordinates. It may involve effectively managing the tone of the message, as well as showing skill in delegation to ensure the job is done effectively by the right person. In upward communication, The communication flowing from subordinates to superiors, usually concerning employees’ comments about themselves, their reactions about others, their reactions to practices and policies, and their thoughts about their work. For example, Muthusami, Founder and CEO of Sanggar coorporation, concern about his subordinates performance.Tone is even more crucial, as are timing, strategy, and audience adaptation. In neither case can the manager operate on automatic as the messages are sent out.

There are different advantages and disadvantages of upward and downward communication. The upward communication is good to taking feed back on policies and take corrective actions. While upward communication sometimes does not transfer realistic message while downward communication is essential for growth of organization. Studies shows that only 20% of an intended message sent by top level management is intact by the time it reaches the entry level employee and misconceptions in downward can lead towards confusion. To prevent this, manager may e-mail his or her subordinates instead of walking over for chat.

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