Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exam is around the corner..

Well,by just seeing the topic's title,ill will study hard to have a good result for my part 2 examination

this my target for this semester:

MGT:B+ above


Fundemental of tourism:B

Customer service:A- above

Account:B+ above

Islamic civilization:A

Family in islam:A

Japanese language:A

see what will my result be base on my prediction..
i hope that this time i will get 3.5 wish me luck..

for all my classmates

i hope that all of us can pass with flying colors


Recently,UiTM Security and dicipline department has launched "minggu pemantauan sahsiah rupa diri" started from 1 april until 16 april..

This make to become aware to this situation..

My hair become very long recently,so i have to keep my self by being sued by the "guards"..

so,last saturday i have to CUT my hair..

this is so sad..

so i will present this song to hair..

Goodbye my friend it s hard to die

When all the birds are singingI n the sky

Now that spring is in the airPretty girls are everywhere

Think of me and I ll be there

We had joy we had fun we had

Seasons in the sun

But the wine and the songs

like the seasons have all gone

We had joy we had fun

we had Seasons in the sun

But the wine and the song like

The seasons have all gone

p/s:i know the lyric is 50% nothing to do with my current just ignore it..
without my not previous hair,it reduce my"macho"ness to 40%...huaaaaa

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save the earth

Want to save the earth?


This is our approach to save the earth
It would be worthless to switch off the light without any actions

Even though its shows how unite we are in saving the earth

but what could it benefits the earth?

reduce the temperature of the whole world?


Even during the earth hour,i can still see the city is still bright
wait till you see at the rurals area
the light are kept switch on
they think wise
switching off the light does not gonna do anything
It actually come from our heart

we still use cfc-base air conditioner even though we switch off our light
so think wisely

does UNITE save the earth?

it would be great if UNITE is added with ACTIONS



P/S:Actually this is my assignment,this is not a real poster but think about the lesson.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



~Kumpulan Gagak Hitam Yang Amat Menjengkelkan~

  • They will ask you for food

  • They will disturb you until you cry

  • They will make you feel irritated



My conclusion is,please visit my blog EVERYDAY!!

Trip to mamutik island

Recently,my friends(including my lecturer) and i went to mamutik island to have a leisure time. We woke up at 6.00am and start our journey at 7.30 something due to some problems. We arrive at jesselton(near suria futsal centre) at 8.00am(something like that)

Before we bought our tickets,we took SOME pictures

Look how Cute i am



well??what do you think?

p/s:i know that many of you been wandering why i use english at my blog.i know that i have a bad english so i take this opportunity to improves my english..ngeh3..because people always says that "we should learn from our mistakes"



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