Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boring owh Boring..

Click to see more clearly

.::made from PAINT::.

My current hair


Before choir competition

Vote for Arsy
.::Time to change::.

At this time,im totally feel bored,just want to upload some pics..tomorrow i want to study the most important subject,ACC150,So that i can score well in the wish me luck..can't wait to see the result..

Peace bebeh


Ajer said...

smala kita boring...
paper law aku suda abis smua dr first week exam lagi..
tp bel260 aku ni..10 may br abis sundi ni..suda ddk d hostel..dui

afif aizad said...

alalalala...sian dey loho...ada jgk kamu aa bel260..

Boo™ said...

wah,begitu kah boringnya.
nway,thx 4 following me.
nice 2 noe u cz m a uitm-an also.
go gab ur award at my page :)

afif aizad said...

no probs..haha


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