Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Future Wife~

Right now, im wondering who could you be?
Have we met?
Are we friends?

But 1st i want you to know that,
I awkward..its must be hard on the beginning because i hardly can express my feeling towards girl..yes..i admit..its hard..because most people think im predictable, but most of them are wrong, i am hard to predict..thats because i can act well..yeah..sometimes i can act to hide my feeling..

2nd, if you prefer an handsome,tall,perfect korean guy, or a romantic sparkling vampire well,its not me..
you see..most girls now..they're addicted with korean guys..but most of them didnt know that most Korean dudes are FAGS..yeah..FAGGOTS..notes that i use "most"..not case of any disagreement..and whats with VAMPIRES?? see..first off all..they arent human..theyre you wanna live with DEAD people?? just an average guys..but im glad if you choose me in the future..

3rd, i am not rich..
You see not a rich guy..i was born average..but i love makes me who i am now..but i will try to keep you know..although some happiness can be bought using money..but HATE and PROBLEMS could occur in the process..

4th, Dont worry..Hot Girls with Hot Body would not be my top list..
all i want is a simple girl with a nice see..if i wait for a Hot will take forever..its impossible..but if it is possible..she will find another after a while..or maybe..many dudes will try to get her..thats why i prefer average..most important is her behavior..hehe

But could this note reach you?? i wonder..because anything can happen..death may prevent us from meeting each other..does my lifespan will allow me to meet you?? lets see and wait

Peace bebeh


Nur Syafikah said...

shhoooooo sshhhwweeettttt derr

afif aizad said...

hahahha..emo di waktu pagi..hehe

4teen said...

ecececececececececeehhh peng..meh aku tolong kc sebar lagik ko punya entry ni d fb. mo ko? hahaha

Yasmyn Keith said...

well spoken like a gentleman =)....

afif aizad said...

Fatin: Jangan!!!hahaha..kena hack ni =p

Yasmin: kunun2 jak ni..mengigau


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