Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Those awkward moments..

Case 1

You in a hurry, and you're alone...you walk as fast as possible to the elevator, then you go in, and press the 10th Floor..you just ran as fast as possible, and you need to catch up your breath, then suddenly you noticed everyone in the elevator stared at you, and you dont know what to do except to control your breath..and smile

Awkward level: Level 5

Case 2

You meet new people..and suddenly all of them including you didnt know where to start or what to speak..all of you just keep silent and stared at each other, thinking what topic should you start with..

Awkward level: Level 7

Case 3

You walking around the corner, suddenly you met the person you like..you're shy and dont know what to said to her, and suddenly you said "Jalan ka??" although you saw her at the shopping mall..

Awkward level: Level 10

Case 4

You just got out from the toilet, you see the person you like, you managed to start a conversation with her until you realize that your pant is half unzip, then you become panic..and try everything to cover up your the half unzip pant..like bending your body, create distraction and turn back quickly to zip your pants

Awkward level : You wish you can stop time and repeat everything

P/S: and banyak lagi..hahaha

Peace bebeh

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