Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nuffnang Contest : Fighting Umbrella Corporation


The Earth is full of zombies when Umbrella's secret laboratory unleashed an army of zombies and its keep spreading on earth making a big city like New York become HELL..

So, pretending as Alice, the protagonist of this movie, i will be facing with Umbrella Corporation, which is the main reason why zombies walking down in this order to fight this BIG Corporation, i cant face them alone even though i have super power like psychics or what so ever, thus i need backup..

so i have this two siblings who will assist me in fighting Umbrella

meet the redfield's siblings

so we are now the trio who will fight the Umbrella Corporation..


But its not enough..i need more..
So the first thing i need to do is to gather an my army will consist of:

1) My Clones:

Alice and all her clones wannabe..

with all my clone's joining me..i will have the front team consist of all my clones..they will be in the front line because they are strong and have the ability like we can blow off all the zombies with our psychics power...

we are just like the clone trooper..but we are not fighting space androids..we're fighting Umbrella!!

2) Ninjas

i also need the help from Ninjas..sound ridiculous but i think they will bring a great help..i also didnt think that their infected because they live high in the mountain just like in the Ninja Assassin movie..why choose them??


because they can lurk in the dark without the need of night vision goggle, move very fast, climb building easily, can heal their wound using ninjutsu gesture and lastly they also use shuriken and katana...very effective to slice zombie's our team doesnt have to waste bullets to fight those zombies..


3) The Expendables


Yes..they are the best..they can be my backup team if me, the redfields, clones and ninjas have trouble...they surely can assist us..

why them??

because i have:

  • Jet Li as the teams combat specialist..because it look cool fighting without weapons..hehe

4) The Twilight team


Yeah..honestly i need them...because they play the most important role in Fighting The Umbrella Corporation..

I need them to become the bait for the zombie..i will use my psychic power to make them "brainless" and put a time bomb in their body...i will use them to rush into Umbrella's headquater...when the zombies see them, they will immediately surround them..and thats the time i will detonate the time boom...KAPISHHHH...mission successful..
Dont mad at me..its for the freedom of earth..thus, all of them are "dead" anyway..and most important..they are not HUMAN...


Photobucket fight the boss..first i will send my clones to attack him..he will be confuse for a while..then for addition, i will need the help from Rain, the ninja assasin and Jet li to fight with the boss because they are good with close range combat and have an amazing the Clones, Rain, Jet li and I will fight the boss until he never stood up again..after that..the others will shoot him until we're run out of bullet..hahahahaa..just to make sure he is DEAD..then Randy couture will demolish the Headquater..Walllaaaa~~

P/S: Hahahaha.. i dont like to be Alice..I prefer Carlos..but he already dead in the previous movie, story sound ridiculous..i know..hahahaha

Peace bebeh


Cik Ruby said...

wah. Idea korang suma bernas2, sy jugak yang tah pa pe. Btw, good luck ;)

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

great post and all the best for the comp!

do check out my entry as well ya?


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