Monday, June 21, 2010

5 Reasons why fly is better than Reality TV Show

First Reason

Reality TV Show doesnt show real people flying with their own ability..Flies can...

Second Reason

Theres no Reality TV Show described in ancient EGYPT story...Flies have one..its called the plagues of egypt

Third Reason

Reality TV Show cannot heal necrotic wounds...Flies already able to do it when they still a maggot..

Fourth Reason

Reality TV Show only come to you at certain period a year (Akademi Fantasia)...but Flies always there for you when you need them..

Fifth Reason

Reality TV Show need you to vote your favourite artist with your money every week...meanwhile Flies didnt need your money even though they are your favourite fly..

Thats why i believe Fly is better than a Reality TV Show..

Thats why aku prefer tengok lalat terbang dari tengok AF...

P/S:Aku saja nak merepek petang offense...

Picture Credit:My self..(Maaf pasal lukisan buruk..aku cuma menggunakan paint)

Peace bebeh

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