Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010: Brazil VS North Korea

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Its time for the famous football country,Brazil versus the underdog, North Korea

From my point of view, i wouldnt guess that Brazil can beat North korea easily and it is..
In the first half, North Korea managed to attack Brazil many times and defense well against Brazil..
In the second half, Brazil scored 2 goals but in the last minute, North Korea managed to reduced the gap of goal difference..

In the end,Brazil win 2-1 against North Korea..but good job North Korea..
Waa respect sama lu..hahaha(Tiba2 bahasa lain)

Peace bebeh


PembunuhSenyap said...

korea lepas dapat gol nampak macam control match tapi seminit je..
lepas tu goyang balik...

afif aizad said...

haha,dorang last minit baru score..tp at least dorang bg brazil menderita nak menang..haha


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